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          Here is just a sampling of success stories from the work I’ve done with clients… 


"Continue to do this work you were meant for, as it is life changing!"

“My overall experience with the coaching was: (1) it really helped me to see the areas that I struggled with and gave me new information and ideas to try; (2) it provided accountability through weekly check-in, which was a bonus for troubleshooting how things were going or if I was stuck in any way; (3) the coaching gave me a new perspective on all sides, not just what I was feeling as you were objective.

“During our coaching many things came to the surface that I never realized, and I am not sure they would have with me trying to get a handle on it myself. You helped me see that it was only me getting in my own way and holding myself back from what I wanted to achieve. Continue to do this work you were meant for, as it is life changing!”

- Laura B., from South Dakota, USA

"Since receiving Core Synchronism, I haven't gotten a sinus headache."

“I had been suffering from sinus headaches for many years on a daily basis. It felt like my head was going to blow up. The medications I took only made my headaches worse. My doctor suggested I go to see Michele. After explaining what my issue was, Michele performed Core Synchronism therapy on my sinuses. Michele’s advice helped me clean up my diet through simple tip. Since receiving Core Synchronism, I haven’t gotten a sinus headache. Thank you, Michele, for being here and able to help me.”

- Arlene K., from North Dakota, USA

"A noticeable shift in my attitude, creating a more joyous life."

“Through coaching with Michele, I have been able to put the principles of Law of Attraction into practice rather than just reading about it. This has produced a noticeable shift in my attitude, creating a more joyous life.”

- Bonnie B., from Idaho, USA

"The Core work Michele did was life changing."

“It’s never easy to admit much less share that a person was in an abusive relationship. The emotions a person goes through tear at your very inner core of self. I got out; however, the fight-flight response was pretty well engrained in my mind, along with other emotions.

“The Core work Michele did was life changing. I felt the work of the Holy Spirit through Michele. In my head the restlessness turned into grounding, the fight-flight began to dissolve and God centered me with peace as Michele worked on my healing. That was the first night in a long, long time that I slept soundly.”

- Karen P., from North Dakota, USA

"I was able to release a past emotional experience during the session and I no longer have bladder issues."

“In 2007, I was suffering from recurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). I was home for a family reunion and shared with Michele how I felt I had another UTI but my doctor had tested me and said that I didn’t have an infection. Michele did energy work on me with focus on my bladder. She said on an energetic level, my bladder had very chaotic energy and performed core to calm it down and balance it. She also incorporated emotional release work to to release the stuck emotional energy in my bladder. I was able to release a past emotional experience during the session and I no longer have bladder issues.”

- Carol H., from Colorado, USA

"It was very relaxing and took a lot of stress off my body."

“I was hesitant in doing a Core Synchronism session because I didn’t know what was all involved. Michele explained everything in great detail, and I have to say I felt great after the session. It was very relaxing and took a lot of stress off my body. I highly recommend Core Synchronism to anyone who is considering it!”

- Billy R., from Minnesota, USA

The plan for surgery had now changed to "Take off your brace and call me if you are having any troubles."

“After being in a snowmobile accident, I had fractured 7 receptor bones on my spine. During the recovery process, I was having problems sleeping for more than an hour at a time. At my two-month checkup, the neurologist told me that it was highly unlikely the receptor bones would heal properly and that I was likely looking at surgery to have them removed.

“My wife talked to me about “Core” and Michele Anderson, and we decided to talk to Michele. After discussions with Michele, she explained what Core (energy work) was and how it might help me to find some relief which would allow me to get some sleep. Michele stated, ‘If you can’t sleep, you will not heal.’ I received treatments from Michele over the next 6 weeks. I should note that after the first treatment I was able to sleep for 5 hours that night.

“At my four-month doctor’s appointment, the neurologist appear baffled. The plan he had set up to get me out of the brace and then physical therapy to gain strength for surgery had now changed to ‘take your brace off and call me if you have having any troubles.’ All seven bones had matched up and healed! I have not had to call the doctor. Thank you, Michele.”

- Duane H., from North Dakota, USA

My mind is constantly racing... I can never fully relax and de-stress. This allows me to fully relax and turn off my mind and open up.

“My biggest benefit from Core Synchronism (energy work) is the complete full body relaxation it provides. My mind is constantly racing a million miles a minute at all times, and I can never fully relax and de-stress!

“My sessions are one of the only times I can actually say that I have been fully relaxed with the ability to just turn off and open up. I’ve never been someone who’s been able to meditate so this has been the closest experience for me. When I am finished with a treatment I always feel renewed and refreshed.”

- Breena C., from Minnesota, USA

"I credit Michele for reminding me how to connect with my inner wisdom to care for my body, mind and spirit."

“About four years ago, I started having some major health issues. My energy levels were so extremely low that I spent most of my day in bed. I was experiencing such acute pain in my arm and shoulder, I thought I might be having a heart attack.

“I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, low thyroid, and being very toxic. My doctor prescribed enemas and colonics to help with the toxicity and recommeded that I work with Michele.

“Michele did a combination of alternative therapies (Core Lymphatic and Colonics for detoxification, Core work for stress relief and balancing my urinary system). She also gave me information on how to do coffee enemas at home so that I could assist my body’s healing process at home.

“The Core treatments lessened the pain, while the other detox strategies reduced the toxicity. And I started feeling better and could finally see the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

“Fast forward to today…I’m back to my old self, full of energy, ready to meet my day, and I’m able to exercise again! I credit Michele for reminding me how to connect with my inner wisdom to care for my body, mind and spirit.”

- Terri R., from North Dakota, USA

"I am convinced that she had a huge impact on my recovery."

“About six years ago I was having major medical problems and didn’t seem to be getting any help. I went to a new doctor, where some tests were ran and it was discovered a huge part of my problem were allergies to 30 different foods that I was consuming every day. I had some medications that weren’t agreeing with me, lots of stress, being overweight, and lots of bad habits that I had built up through the years.

“I began a whole new approach … and began going to Michele to help me change my bad habits into good ones. She was very patient with me, and by working together for a period of time my health began to improve. I am convinced she had a huge impact on my recovery. I will always be very grateful that I have had a chance to turn my life around to a much healthier way of living.”

- Peggy P., from North Dakota, USA

You taught me that taking time to nurture myself is not only good for me but will allow me to nuture those I love.

“I want to let you know how grateful I am we got connected, the six sessions we spent going over my diet, teaching me to manage stress, and taking time to journal and meditate was valuable.

“I also learned that stress causes many symptoms, including my migraines and digestive symptoms. I learned to forgive myself when I messed up. Talking about things going on in my life with an unbiased source helped me to put in perspective the things I thought were ‘huge’.

“You taught me that taking time for nurturing myself through meditation and writing in my journal is not only good for me, but being healthier and happier will allow me to nurture those I love.

“I am happy to say that I am not “hooked” on eathing sweets any longer. Yes, I eat them occasionally but I am aware of how they make me feel and reconsider eating them again.

“Weight loss was not really one of my goals when I decided to work with you, but I am happy to say that I have lost 5 pounds and taken 3″ off my waist. Thank you, Michele, for teaching me how to better understand my health.”

- Cathy E., from South Dakota, USA

"I thought my hand was as 'healed as it could get' and I was wrong! After one energy session, I've not had pain in my hand since.

“I had core synch (energy work) done in October 2013. Before the treatment, I would have told you my hand was as ‘healed as it could get.’ I was wrong!

“The synch began at my elbow and the most appropriate words for what it felt like started going on inside was ‘a ball of fire and heat’. But it didn’t feel hot, it more felt like electricity, like lightning. I don’t know if my arm moved in reality or not, but to me, the more powerful it got the more my arm felt like it was moving about or twitching. It didn’t scare me though; it fascinated me!

“And then the feeling started to move. It started slowly moving down my arm – and I believe this happened as you moved your hands down my arm (but I’m not sure). And it kept moving down and ultimately got to my fingers. Then it – the fire, the electricity – whatever it was – shot out my fingertips. It felt like it lasted sooo long! Then, when it was done my arm felt so relaxed and calm.

“I have not had pain in my hand since!!!”

- Anne G., from Texas, USA

The hair analysis was absolutely spot on! It identifed some issues that I had been suppressing for a long time.

“One of the services that Michele offers is called Radionics, where she does hair analysis. What could possibly come from that one hair? Well, let me tell you… The analysis from that one hair was absolutely spot on! It was painfully honest and accurate. The results identified some issues that I had been suppressing for a long time.

“Along with the analysis I was given a homeopathic remedy for a period of time. Following this process I found myself handling the suppressed issues with ease. Thanks for sharing your kindness and knowledge with me! It was a very interesting and healing experience.”

- Lyn J., from North Dakota, USA

"I could actually feel the changes take place during my coaching sessions."

“Working with Michele was definitely an eye-opening experience! I could actually feel the changes take place during my coaching sessions. I learned so much about myself and about creating a healthy lifestyle. If anyone is considering coaching, it’s simply the best investment you can make! Nothing is more important than staying healthy for yourself and your family!”

- Kelly R., from Minnesota, USA

"I could feel my body relaxing and my mind calming."

“When you walked me though the technique of energy pulling, I could feel my body relaxing and my mind calming. I felt peaceful afterwards. Chaotic emotions subsided and I actually felt more energy.”

- Tara M., from North Dakota, USA

"I can concentrate, where I could not do that before. I'm getting a lot more done. I have more energy. I just feel so totally different."

“I just want to give you a report on how I’m feeling. I have not felt like this for a very, very  long time. I feel amazing. I just wanted to let you know – give you some positive feedback.

“I can concentrate on things, where I could not do that before. I’m getting a lot more done. I have more energy. I just feel so totally different. I just wanted to let you know the treatment I got from you really, really helped and I’m so glad I did it. It was worth every penny. Thank you!”

- Terry F., from North Dakota, USA

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