We live in a world that’s made up of energy.

Subatomic particles make up the atoms that make up all cells, organs, and tissue of your body. The same subatomic particles that make up your body are the same building blocks that make up all matter.

Science has discovered that the atom has no physical structure but is made out of invisible energy that exists as energy waves.

So if you observed an atom with a powerful microscope, as you focused closer and closer in on its structure, you’d see nothing. Instead, you’d find it’s made up of a vortex of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature.

Science has also proven that observing an experiment changes the outcome. There are many scientific studies that prove consciousness can alter our physical material world.

The significance of this information is for us to realize we are all made up of energy, and we’re each radiating our own unique energy signature based upon our thoughts and feelings.

Those subatomic particles that we’re made of are responding to our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and perspectives.

In layman’s terms… this is the way that your mindset creates your reality. On a subatomic level, as we are observe, perceive and expect a certain result, we will see things move in the way that we expected.


Your body is made of energy. These tiny particles that make up your body are present as energy waves that are in constant motion. It’s the pattern of motion that makes them them show up as something specific like your ear, your leg or your liver.


If everything is energy, nothing is actually as it appears. Nothing is static and unchanging – that means from the table you sit at to the diseased cells in your body – it’s all made of energy that can change form.

And not only do wave forms of energy make up your body, but you have a personal energy field around your body too. Everyone does. That’s why sometimes you get weird vibes when you meet someone. Your energy field is bumping up against their energy field and there’s a difference in energy vibration.


Your thoughts and emotions are made up a particular energy resonance that hugely affects your experiences. Even individuals in a group who hold and live by common beliefs, idea, perceptions, and conclusions will resonate at similar energy vibrations.

The way it works is you have a thought, which has a particular energy vibration. An emotion is then triggered. Emotion is just energy in motion. Together they set off a chemical reaction in the body, which also has a particular energy vibration. And this energy vibration affects the physiology of your body at a subatomic level.

This explains a lot about spontaneous healing. What has happened is that individual has been able to transmute the energy in their body so instead of showing up as a diseased cells, their cells are able to energetically vibrate as healthy cells.


When you find yourself in a familiar pattern, it’s because these energies are held in your body. Beliefs, ideas and memories are not only stored in the brain but they are stored in the body as well.

When a particular low-vibration is held in the body, disease results.

I have found this to be true again and again when doing energy work with clients. Most clients come in because of a particular symptom they are experiencing in the body AND I find there is mental and emotional energy trapped in the body causing their symptoms. This is especially true when their symptoms are chronic.


  • Everything is made up of energy, even your body.
  • Energy is malleable and changeable.
  • Your mindset (thoughts, beliefs, ideas, concepts, conclusions, judgments, feelings/emotions, past experiences, and your environments) helps you create your own reality.


Have you ever noticed a change in your body after thinking a certain thought or after feeling a specific emotion?

Have you noticed weird vibes when you’ve met someone new? Or maybe you just met someone and you really liked them but can’t figure out why.

I’d love to hear your comments and answer your questions. Please post them below.


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