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Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. We generally respond within 48 hours. 

Q: I love your message, Michele! How do I stay connected so I get your latest tips, tools and techniques? 

A: The best way to stay connected is to join my email circle. Download any of my free resources to join.

Q: I have a question about energy work or coaching. Can you help me with that?

A: I’d love to! The best way to get my help is to post your question in my Facebook group. It’s also the best place to ask a question and to interact with other like-minded people. Often when you have a question, someone else has the same question and has asked it or wants to ask it but hasn’t mustered up the courage to ask. I’d love to answer your questions there, so everyone can benefit from the answers as well. If you feel it’s too personal to post in the facebook group, please email me instead by using the contact form below. It may take me a day or two to get to it (unless I’m on vacation), but I do want to answer your question.

Q: I want to hire you. How do I work with you? 

A: You can check out how I work with clients right here.

Q: Do you know of any other Transformational Energy coaches that you could recommend?

A: I wish I did! My approach is uniquely customized by the various training, clinical experience, and personal experience I have, and my results are best-in-class. At this time, I don’t know of anyone else to recommend who does exactly what I do and who will give you the same top-notch results. If, by talking with you in a breakthrough session, I realize I am not a good fit to be your coach, I will make a recommendation for your next step or two.

Q: I’m a client and I need support regarding a program or training. Where and how do I get that support? 

A: Please email us at Michele@MicheleRaeAnderson.com. If you’d like to us to call back you, be sure to put your phone number and best time to reach you in your email message.

Q: I’d like to speak with you about joining one of your trainings or programs. How do I do that? 

A: Email us at Michele@MicheleRaeAnderson.com or fill out the contact form below, and we’ll hook you up right away.

Q: I’d like to guest post on your site. How do I do that?

A: Thank you for your interest! Right now, I am not accepting guest posts for my site.


Use this form or email me at Michele@MicheleRaeAnderson.com. I will generally get back to you within 48 hours.


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