Michele Rae Anderson


You’re a doer. You’re an action taker.

You’re the one everyone thinks of when they need help with a project or a task because they know they can count on you. You often say ‘yes’ simply because you know you’re capable and you want to be helpful.

But you feel stuck, overwhelmed and exhausted by your busy fast-paced life and you don’t know how to get your energy levels up and your health back on track. 

You have a vision of how you’d like to experience your life. But one thing isn’t clear – how to get there from where you are right now. 

I see the exact steps you need to take to transform your vision into reality, no matter where you are now and no matter where you want to go. I can help you.

Whether you want to regain your energy, step out of chronic pain, or just stop feeling stressed out all the time.

 Dreaming about your future is one thing. Making it happen is another. Let’s do this together.


I’m an Energy Lifestyle Empowerment Coach who believes it’s ALL possible. You can live the life you desire with an abundance of energy, without experiencing chronic symptoms, and in a body that’s ready to take on your vision and goals. 

You’re a smart, motivated and driven woman. You’re committed and determined to experience success.

I’m an insightful, intuitive, strategic energy practitioner with a passion for actionable systems.

What does this mean for you? 

I’m an excellent listener and I notice habits and patterns. I’m able to take complex ideas and procedures and make them easy to understand. I have an excellent memory, which allows me to pull forward ideas and insights from all the reading I do. I am very organized, efficient and reliable – I’m a go-getter by nature, just like you. I envision and mastermind my own future. And I take responsibility for my life and how I create it.

I also use the manifesting tools of perception, energy, faith and choice (which I will explain later in my blog articles).

I know how to help you create thriving energy and health that doesn’t require you to sacrifice all your time to make it happen. You will get your energy back, release your symptoms (whether it’s pain, excess weight, or something else), so you can get on with making your own vision a reality.  


My journey began in a home where there was alcoholism. I learned at a very young age to assess my environment for danger. Because of this life experience, I developed the skill of reading other people’s energy and emotional states very easily.

I learned to watch people, discovering their habits and patterns. I also became very passionate about wanting to know why people behave the way they do. 

I also suffered from debilitating migraine headaches. When conventional medicine didn’t offer me a solution I looked at alternative medicine. It started with chiropractic care and eventually led me to energy work.

Core Synchronism (a form of energy work) relieved more than my migraines. It gave me a taste of being calm and stress free, which rippled out to all areas of my life. I practiced energy techniques on a regular basis to support my body. I become a energy practitioner in 2000, a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2004, and set up a therapy practice to help others. And since then I’ve earned certifications in emotional release, nutrition and coaching. 

It’s been my clinical experience that 99.9% of the clients I see show up in a stress state, usually related to something they were thinking, feeling or trying to avoid feeling. My training taught me and clinical experience reaffirmed that all dis-ease has a mental and emotional component, especially those symptoms expressing as ‘chronic’ in nature.

I knew the skills I had learned growing up in a dysfunctional environment, my own personal and character strengths (and quirks), and the training I had taken in the key areas of energy work, belief work, and emotional clearing would be key components in taking stress release work to a deeper level with clients.


Then something awful happened in my family. My brother and mother-in-law both got sick and passed away within 10 months’ times. It was a extremely painful and stressful time for me.

And although I felt like I was going through the motions of grieving and holding both sides of my family together (not to mention managing a household with two teenagers, a hubby who worked out of town, and running my own therapy practice), it took a significant toll on me mentally, emotionally and eventually on my physical body.

I was so busy in the doingness of life, keeping everything together and everyone happy that all my self-care practices found their way to the bottom of my list of priorities. I was now experiencing life just like my clients – in a chronic state of stress.

It took about 4 years for SH*T to hit the fan in my life! My hormones went haywire. I found myself suffering from excruciating low back pain and menstrual issues, and my motivation, drive and energy levels tanked. And to top that off, I was minimalizing just how depleted I was because I had this think I call ‘superwoman’ mentality.

I doctored both with conventional and alternative medicine, and it took almost a year to figure out I was in adrenal exhaustion. No wonder I was so tired, and no matter what I did nothing seemed to improve! 


Then I started working with a coach and I looked at my symptoms through deeper awareness. Once I became consistent in checking in and communicating with my body, I was able to address the underlying stress that was keeping me sick and I was able to take the right action steps.

I established healthier boundaries, retired my “superwoman” cape, and communicated with myself.

And my life has transformed!

I knew I had to begin working with clients in a new way.

When I realized this was my new path, I closed down my clinical office space, regrouped, and launched MicheleRaeAnderson.com, offering remote energy work combined with coaching to teach clients like you how to be a more active and responsive participant in your healing process, as well as how to create the life you envision for yourself.

I knew I was on track. Not only does it honor me, it empowers you! 


I learned that in every struggle, there’s an underlying call to learn, grow and transform. 

This health crisis was a call for change orchestrated by my inner wisdom.

It was a call to take off my SUPERWOMAN cape and stop being the source of everything for everyone. I had taken on this role as a young girl and learned to play it well. And because I was good at it and it made me feel good, it became part of my identity.

But it had exhausted me.

And honestly, I had disempowered others (family, friends, clients) by being and doing everything for everyone else. 

Moving forward, I am taking everything I learned from each step along my journey and I am now helping clients just like you rebuild and restructure so you can create new experiences that support the life you envision for yourself. And, of course, it’s with an abundance of energy, motivation and drive (with a big helping of balance) because we all have something important to share that makes this world we live in a better place. 


I am fiercely committed to helping busy women (just like you) who are stuck in pain, overwhelm and exhaustion to see that you can transform your life. You don’t have to be a superwoman. There’s an easier way that’s a win-win for you and everyone in your life. I believe you can envision, energize, and experience a life you desire that supports your fully.

With my practical tips, step-by-step action plans, and straight talk, I love helping women like you regain your energy and health so that you can focus on creating what’s truly important to you. 

If you can use some help disabling the stress response and restructuring your life to support the vision you have for your life, get started with my 3 Steps to De-Stress Tool today. 

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