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I help smart, motivated, and driven women (just like you) who are exhausted by trying to stay on top of everything in your life. You’ve tried numerous things to get your energy back without success. I show you how to be a healthy, fully energized woman who powerfully manages your to-do list and life with ease.


Hi, I’m Michele Anderson. I’m a tranformational coach who has a background in energy work.

Before there was the ‘Instant Reset Technique.’ Before writing and posting all the articles you find on my blog. Before the 30-Day ‘Reset Your Energy’ Program. Before the virtual VIP Days. Before the Transformational Coaching Packages… there was me who had become an energy practitioner “yes” girl.

Eager to help everyone.

Desperate to be accepted (back when energy work was considered woo-woo).

Not totally 100% confident in my gifts and skills. 


You see, from a young age, I was very sensitive to energy and fascinated by people’s behavior. I often knew what was going on before someone would share with me things they’d never tell anyone else.

This intuitive gift of energy sensitivity was part of who I innately was, and then life experiences and training developed this gift further and allowed me to become skilled at sensing, processing and directing energy.

Once I realized I could work as an energy practitioner, it was the most natural next step for me to become one. I trained in energy work and then became a licensed massage therapist so that I could set up a therapy practice and begin helping people with energy work in a similar way it had helped me. 

At the time I opened my therapy practice, my husband and I were raising two grade schoolers and my husband’s job took him away from home in a 3-week rotation. Life was busy and hectic, but it was good.


After about a year into my practice, the biggest thing I noticed about the majority of the clients I was working with was underneath their pain was a baseline level of everyday stress. Because I was so energy sensitive, I could feel this stress from the moment they arrived until they calmed down and became energetically aligned.

And the clients who had chronic symptoms had chronic stress levels. These clients came to me with the expectation that I would practice miraculous emergency energy work and fix everything within 60 minutes. And because I was good at processing and directing energy, that’s exactly what I did. 

It wasn’t until various mentors pointed it out to me, that I truly understood that I had been unconsciously choosing to assist others in processing their emotional energy.

Then tragedy struck my family. We lost two family members within 10 month’s time. Now more people in my life needed me, and I gave everything I had to everyone. And, of course, there were signs along the way that I ignored and pushed past because that’s what we, as women, often do. 

I was no longer balancing the needs of others with my own inner needs and limits. After a few years, I became depleted and my health began to unravel. That was when I began experiencing hormonal imbalances, excruciating low-back pain, and exhaustion. 

Over the course of a year and a half, I worked with multiple healthcare practitioners (chiropractor, massage therapist, doctor, OBGYN, internal physical therapist, semi-functional medicine doctor, naturopath, nutritional endocrinology practitioner, and energy practitioners). The naturopath and nutritional endocrinology practitioner helped me determine it was stress that was keeping my body from resetting and healing. Their supplements and dietary improvements allowed me to tread water a little easier.

I then worked with two energy practitioners through private coaching, who taught me to effectively use the energy tools I already had within me to disconnect from stress and reclaim my energy. It was through connecting with my own inner wisdom, working with my body (instead of against it), and listening on a deep level that I was able to uncover what my system required of me in order to heal. 


I believe that in every struggle, there’s an underlying call for growth and transformation. 

This health crisis was a call for change, orchestrated by my inner wisdom.

I did already know how to communicate with my body, but my body required me to listen and partner with it on a much deeper level in order to finally heal. 

And as I transformed my health, it became clear to me that teaching clients how to do this would uplevel their results. It would become the way I would work with clients from now on because it would help them achieve and maintain the permanent results they were seeking.  


I’ve been shown a new way to work with clients that honors both me and empowers each client. 

I’ve taken everything I learned along my health journey and I’ve combined it with what I already knew about energy work and coaching. And I’m very excited to share these upgrades with you because they offer you more than a bandaid – they offer you an opportunity for transformation that wasn’t possible before.

Starting October 2017, here’s how things will roll:

First of all, from now on, I’ll only be working with clients remotely.

This means all coaching and energy work will be done over the phone, in the comfort of your own home. This means no more travel time for you! Instead, I’m just a phone call away.

Secondly, the way I work with you will be packaged differently. 

I’m now combining coaching and energy work to support your ability to make a true and lasting transformation. This provides structure and focus around your tranformational goal(s) and it benefits you with consistent engagement, forward movement, support and accountablity from me while requiring you to actively participate and take actionable steps that build the momentum that will carry you through your transformation. 

I’ve created a few different options for you, depending on what level of commitment you’re ready to make and how fast you want to move forward.

You can check out how you can Work With Me here.


I believe it’s possible to become a healthy, powerful and fully energized woman who manages your to-do list and life with joy and ease. I am fiercely committed to helping you step out of the crappiness you feel now, reclaim your energy, and transform your life without it having to be so damn hard. 

I share practical tips, energy tools, straight talk, and simple actionable steps with you. Check out my Blog here. 


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