Michele Rae Anderson


You're in the Right Place ...

If you feel stressed out and energetically drained and exhausted by your life.

If you’re frustrated and a little scared because you’re too young to feel this crappy.

If you’ve tried a lot of things to feel better but nothing seems to be helping you.

Let’s finally do something about it – TOGETHER!

Grab my “Instant Reset Technique” to Stop Stress and Reboot Your Energy now!

Hi, I'm Michele

I’m a transformational energy coach who believes it’s totally possible to be a smart, motivated, high-achieving woman who leads a busy life without trading your health for success.

I coach women who feel stressed out, energetically drained and exhausted, and your body is telling you something has got to change!

Together we discover what’s draining you, I show you how to feel good in your body again, and have the energy to live your life on your terms. 

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Everything Is Energy

We live in a world that is made up of energy. We are each radiating our own unique energy signature based upon our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. This is the way your mindset creates your reality.

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What is Remote Healing?

Remote healing is when an energy practitioner uses their intention and belief to send healing energy to a willing recipient. The energy is simply sent and received instantly by intention alone.

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Praise from Clients …
I was feeling overwhelmed with the direction my life was going and in need of guidance before I worked with Michele. As I told her what was showing up and worrying me, Michele helped me shed light on my frustrations and fears.

Her guidance really made me think and look at things differently. She helped me get really clear on the outcome I wanted, then we talked strategy and action steps. She encouraged me to take baby steps each day that will lead to my desired outcome and reminded me that I am at choice in every moment.

I felt so much better after our session. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I will without a doubt continue to coach with Michele in the future.

Carol H. from Colorado

Through her ‘Energy Resiliency’ Program, her helpful Facebook community, and her private one-on-one transformational coaching, Michele inspires a grounded, tangible and self-affirming sense of “Wow! I really can change my health (or any other areas of my life) by working with my energy!” for thousands of clients over the past almost two decades.

She proves that by consistently taking actionable steps forward, even people new to working with their mindset and energy can bypass overwhelm and generate exciting momentum as they clear what’s stuck and move closer to building a body and life they love.

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